StormFender Wins!

StormFender Wins Prestigious Innovation Award
at the 2015 Miami International Boat Show

Docking Made Easy

Houston, TX: StormFender LLC is excited to announce that its StormFenderTM dock-mounted fender system earned a coveted Innovation Award in the “Docking & Fendering Equipment” category at the 2015 Miami International Boat Show. These prestigious accolades are presented annually by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and Boating Writers International (BWI) and are considered one of the marine industry’s highest design achievements.

The innovative StormFenderTM fender system was one of 97 products entered into the show’s Innovation Awards, and was the only product designed for both individual owners as well as professionally run marinas, fuel docks, restaurants, boatyards, and yacht clubs. “Our young company is honored to have received the 2015 Innovation Award for our dock-mounted fender system,” said Jonathan Hough, StormFender’s inventor and owner. “StormFender’s proprietary and maintenance-free design provides an attractive, elegant and durable solution that offers proven protection for both recreational boaters and marina operators.”

StormFender was born in the wake of Hurricane Ike out of a desire to mitigate the risk posed by big storms to berthed yachts while dramatically simplifying the art of docking—an age-old challenge that has caused more than its share of stress and repair bills (both to the hull and dock), especially in close-quarters situations. “This is a solution to the perpetual problem of safe docking [and] the StormFenderTM provides extra cushioning for a graceful landing,” noted Alan Wendt, President of BWI and a member of the judging committee.

StormFenderTM dock and boat fenders are produced in the USA using durable, high-quality, marine-grade materials, with the goal of making docking simpler, safer and far easier than when relying on hanging fenders, which are prone to deflating, shifting position, and not providing adequate berthing protection. These dock-mounted fenders run the full length of a dock or slip along an HDPE mounting track that features two parallel grooves, which accept the boltropes that are sewn into the fender cover’s backside. This patented design allows for a simple, three-tool installation and seasonal removal, and ensures that the fender always maintains its optimal protective position. Moreover, StormFender’s continuous-coverage design prevents a yacht’s hull from accidentally “encountering” the dock, regardless of the vessel’s angle of attack, and its closed-cell foam construction absorbs energy, thus increasing a helmsman’s margin for docking error and lowering everyone’s onboard anxiety.

StormFenderTM docking solutions are specifically designed to withstand the always-brutal marine environment and will not degrade, discolor or harden when exposed to torrents of sunlight and saltwater. They are available in 40”, 80” and 120” lengths, as well as corner, low profile and vertical piling units; bespoke options include custom lengths and colors as well as personalized embroidery or signage/branding on the fender’s detachable PVC (or optional fleece) cover. A comprehensive warranty comes standard.

Pricing and Availability: StormFenderTM dock & boat fenders are available through our webpage ( and are sold by the section ($57.50 to $66 per foot, style depending), with discounts available for larger-volume orders. Dealer pricing is also available. For more information on the award-winning StormFenderTM dock-mounted fender system, point your web browser to, and be sure to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram.