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StormFender Featured in April Issue of Marina Dock Age Magazine

Houston, TX – May 4, 2015

StormFender impressed readers in the April 2015 issue of Marina Dock Age Magazine with their innovative docking fender, designed to weather the harsh weather conditions that marinas often experience. Earlier this year StormFender captured the notice of marinas in the USA when they won the Innovation Award at the 2015 Miami International Boat Show. Marina Dock Age Magazine recently celebrated 27 years in the B2B marine industry market, as the only US magazine to serve boating industry owners and managers.

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StormFender Leading the Way in Marina Innovation

StormFender is exactly what it sounds like: a proprietary fender solution that protects both boat and dock in inclement weather. In 2008, Hurricane Ike offered inspiration to Jonathan Hough after witnessing the damage the storm had caused to boats and docks. Utilizing his architect degree, Hough soon had his boat fender vision sketched out. In 2013, StormFender was installed in the Newport Yachting Center on Rhode Island, where it has proven to be an effective barrier between boat and dock.

By 2014 StormFender had patents in the US and Japanese markets, with Canada, China, and Europe pending. The StormFender product is installed on docks and provides a protective barrier, preventing boats from smashing or scraping against the sides. Its protection is more effective than traditional air filled dock barriers. It takes the worry out of leaving a boat untended at the dock during stormy weather, and reduces the cost of pricey hull repairs. All shapes, sizes, and styles of watercraft will be protected at a dock installed with StormFender.

StormFender boat accessories are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, to fit all dock styles. It may be installed on any public, private, or industrial docks. Standard sizes include 30”, 60” and 120”, but can also be customized to fit any dock configuration. StormFender fits interior and exterior corners as well. Its standard sizing is nine inches in height and six inches in depth. Low profile piling that is half the height and depth of the standard product is also available for docks. StormFender can be easily installed on the dock with drill and level. In fact, there’s even a YouTube video to help the novice to get started.

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Marina Dock Age Supports Marine Industry for Over 27 Years

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