Ten reasons why you should put Slammer on your docks!

1. It’s foolproof

Slammer is always in position to protect

2. Good for marinas

Slammer reduces wear and tear on docks while also building
fuel dock customer loyalty

3. Good for boaters

Slammer ensures constant optimal hull protection
(and no more stowing fenders)

4. Easy to install

Slammer installs quickly and easily with just a power drill and a level

5. Simplifies docking

Slammer makes docking a breeze; gives boaters a larger margin
for error (it’s like having an extra pair of hands)

6. Built to last

Slammer is constructed from premium, marine-grade components that
last for years (made in U.S.A.)

7. Any dock

Slammer works great on commercial or private docks

8. Year-Round

Slammer is so tough you can leave it out all year (it’s also easy to store)

9. Looks great

Slammer looks great and adds an element of distinction to any dock

10. Eliminates fenders

Slammer eliminates all the frustrations you get with hanging fenders —
simply a better boating experience for on aboard