Miami Boat Show

StormFender LLC will participate in the MIAMI INTERNATIONAL BOAT SHOW
Booth #3989 Retail Pavilion – Miami, FL. – February 13-16, 2015

HOUSTON, TX — StormFender, an innovative, versatile, and proprietary fender solution, will take the worry out of the most anxious parts of boating, including returning to the dock and leaving your boat untended in stormy weather.

StormFender™ Boat & Dock Fenders attach to the dock, eliminating the hassle and unreliable performance of traditional air-filled hanging fenders and providing superior protection for all shapes and sizes of watercraft.

After five years of development and product testing at marinas and on private docks from Texas to Maine, StormFender will make a boatshow appearance at the 2015 Miami International Boat Show in Miami, FL., February 13 to 16.

Two and a half years ago, the Newport Yachting Center, in Rhode Island’s historic Newport Harbor, installed StormFender on its very busy fuel dock.

“We went with StormFender two years ago during a rebuild of our fuel dock and could not have made a better choice,” says Chuck Moffitt, NYC’s Director Of Waterfront Operations & Marina Manager. “The StormFender system has withstood constant use from boats 10 feet up to 160 feet. The materials still look and function like new. I’m guessing we will get several more seasons before even considering new covers. I would highly recommend it.”

It was in 2008, while viewing the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, which did nearly $30 billion in damage to the southeastern United States, that Jonathan Hough started developing StormFender.

“It was obvious that the hanging fenders just didn’t perform,” says Hough, a lifelong boater from Houston, Texas. “There had to be a better way to prevent non-catastrophic hull damage. At that moment I had the idea for a fender that attached to the dock, ensuring the fender was always optimally positioned. I designed the first StormFender that day, and I received my U.S. Patent earlier this year.”

The StormFender™ Boat & Dock Fender stands apart for its superior hull protection, ease of installation, and stylish design. Unlike most other dock bumpers, the StormFender system combines a closed-cell foam core with a soft yet durable PVC-coated fabric cover. It has high impact resistance, but won’t mar or scratch a yacht’s finish.

The StormFender system can be installed in minutes. The simple, yet ingenious, fender mounting system requires only a cordless drill and level to attach the track to the dock and the fender assembly is fast and intuitive. With the mounting track installed permanently, the fenders can be used seasonally or year round. The fenders will not deflate; come untied or move out of position, and do not require maintenance.

“We are on our third year with StormFender installed on our dock, and all I can say is they have been awesome and have changed our boating experience much for the better,” says Lon Magness of Memphis, Tenn., StormFender’s first customer. “It provides great protection for our boat and the fenders still look brand new. It has been so great to not have to worry about positioning fenders, checking on them throughout the day/night, or fretting about leaving or returning to dock. I even let our teenage daughter take the boat out some now. Best investment we have made at the lake.”

StormFender™ products are available in a variety of colors, standard lengths of 40”, 80” and 120” and can be configured to meet nearly all dock configurations. Custom lengths as well as interior and exterior corners are also available.

Recreational boaters and marine industry professionals are encouraged to stop by booth 3989 in the Retail Pavilion at the Miami International Boat Show in Miami, FL, between February 13 to 16 to see first-hand the latest in boat fendering.

For more information on Stormfender™ Boat & Dock Fenders, click here.

Two sizes: 6” thick, 9” high or 3″ thick, 6″ high
Shipping Weight: 5 lbs. per 40″ section (6″ thick); 3 lbs. per 40″ section (3″ thick)
Assembly time: 5 minutes per 40” section
Retail Price – 6″ Fender

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