Fleece Corner Fender – Custom Length

Slammer Fenders

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Curved face with 5″ height and 3″ thickness, designed for vertical and horizontal applications; perfect for pilings & fender boards.

Slammer’s three-part modular fender system includes a sturdy foam inner core, a UV and abrasion resistant fabric cover in your desired length and a polymer mounting track with required hardware.

Slammer utilizes Polartec® , the marine industry’s leading fleece for fender covers. Polartec®’s fleece fabric, a heavy loft construction for abrasion resistance, is sun-sensitive and will fade. This does not affect the durability of the Polartec®.

1-year warranty on fleece Slammers

Contact us to request a custom color


Custom length

To get a custom length fender you must purchase a fender that is larger than your custom size. We will then cut and finish that fender to your required length.

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